Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruhalaya bids farewell to the 4th Year Students!

On 7th March 2010, Mother Ruhalaya bid farewell to 9 of her senior students:

Reverend Deacons Anil Francis, Charuplackil Peter, Chirayath Joseph

Reverend Deacons Kandathinkara George, Mudimadugula Prabhudas, Panackavayalil Thomas

Reverend Deacons Thonakkara Joseph, Vazhakattu Thomas, and Reverrend Sister Smitha Cherupurath DBS

On this occasion the staff and students of Ruhalaya College of Philosphy and Ruhalaya College of Theology were present.

The parting messages were conveyed by the Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Venattumattam

and the Vice-Rector of RCT, Rev. Fr. Joseph Thekkekarott.

This festive gathering was also graced by the presence and message of Very Rev. Fr. Paul Parekattil, the Regional Director of St Paul's Region of MST. He also released the Manuscript Magazine, prepared by the "Creativity Forum of Ruhalaya" (CFR).

The Rector, in turn, released the Memento for the parting students.

Each of the deacons were gifted with a copy of the Memento.

Deacon Thomas Vazhakattu addressed the community on behalf of the IV Year students.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

International Women’s Day Celebrations at Ruhalaya!

International Women’s Day, celebrated world-wide on 8th March every year, was celebrated in RCT Auditorium on 6th March 2010 at 1.30 pm. It was organised by the Social Services Department of Ruhalaya Major Seminary.

A large crowd of women members of the Self-Help Groups from neighbouring villages participated in this festive gathering. There are 100 SHGs run by the Seminary with the help of DST and CMC sisters. More than 800 women and around 200 children participated in the gathering.

The guests were welcomed by Dr. Joseph Thekkekarott (Vice-Rector, RCT)

The meeting was presided over by Bishop Mar Sebastian Vadakel, bishop of Ujjain

Mrs Himani Khanna, ASP of Ujjain, adorned the seat of the Chief Guest and she spoke beautifully on women empowerment.

Other Distinguished Guests who addressed the gathering were:

1) Dr. Joseph Venattumattam, Rector (Ruhalaya Major Seminary)

2) Mr P.D. Upadhyaya, the Zonal manager of the Bank of India

3) Fr Sunil (Director, Kripa Social Welfare Society)

The report was presented by Sr Deepti DST

Mr Devendra Kumar Joshi, the Branch Manager of Bank of India, gave loans to five SHG groups.

On this occasion, a beautiful dance was staged by the mentally retarded students of Prem Sagar Special School, Khilchipur, Ujjain.

The Gathering was also marked by many colourful and excellent cultural programme performed by the women from the SHGs.

The celebration of Mahila Diwas, attended by a large crowd of empowered rural women, once again proves the fruitfulness of the social commitment of Ruhalaya Major Seminary. Following the path of Jesus, the Seminary gives special emphasis to the preferential love for the poor and the marginalized in its formation programme. The orientation towards people belongs to the very essence of the Christian and missionary vocation. Celebrations like these are occasions to share the compassionate love of Jesus with the people and thus to share the Gospel of Jesus through word and deed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Digital Visit to the Chapel at RCT!

Dear Viewers,

As you enter the campus of Ruhalya College of Theology, it is not difficult to understand that its chapel is the axis upon which the daily life and activities of this “abode the Holy Spirit” revolves.

At least that is the message conveyed by its unique architecture and central position in the complex of buildings that constitute RCT.

The entire structure of the chapel is heaven-oriented. One would be mesmerized by its symmetry. The roof of the chapel appears to be a symphony of many pyramids of varying sizes.

The first thing that draws the attention of the beholder as he crosses the portals of the chapel is the hovering white dove above, symbolizing the Ruha (the Holy Spirit).

Once you are inside this house of prayer, you will surely be disposed to spend a few moments in silent prayer in the presence of the Lord.

Our disposition to prayer and meditation is enhanced by the beautiful stained glass windows depicting the themes of the various liturgical seasons, biblical scenes and Indian saints.

Windows depicting the liturgical seasons of Annunciation, Epiphany and Lent

Windows depicting the liturgical seasons of Resurrection, Apostles and Kaitha

Two windows depicting the liturgical seasons of Elijah-Cross-Moses and Dedication of the Church, followed by a window on the Eucharist

Windows depicting Eucharistic themes: the first one adorns the Hykla and the other two adorn the Eucharistic chapel

A window depicting the multiplication of bread (a Eucharistic theme), adorning the Eucharistic chapel and two windows depicting Blessed Teresa of Culcutta and Blessed Kriakose Chavara, both adorning the Baptistery (Beth Mamodisa)

A window depicting St Alphonsa, adorning Baptistery, and two windows depicting Blessed Kunjachan and Mariam Thresia, adorning the sacristy.

Eucharistic chapel of this house of prayer is quite conducive to silent prayer and meditation. A large size etched depiction of the scene of Calvary is not only beautiful but also prayerful.

The small altar in this eucharistic chapel is also marked by the eucharistic motif: it is sculpted in red stone, depicting the multiplication of five loaves and two fish.

The scene of Jesus’ baptism at Jordan overlooks the Baptistery, which again is a large etched depiction

Icons too find their place in this chapel, where oriental liturgy is celebrated. The first icon that attracts out attention is the holy face of Jesus, in front of the Bema.

On either side of the sanctuary we have also the icons of the Blessed Mother and St Thomas, our father in faith.

The Sanctuary’s (Madbhaha) main attraction is the altar (Thronos ) made up of 12 separate stones, depicting the 12 Apostles. The Beth Gazze is finished in white marble.

At the centre of the eastern wall of the Sanctuary, we find the Mar Sliba sculpted in white marble and it shines forth from a fitting background provided by the mosaic artwork.

And finally, here is a night view of the Chapel situated at the heart of RCT